OBO Robo Hotpants

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OBO ROBO Goalkeeping Hotpants   

This item is order on demand only, please contact us to order.

Excellent coverage but also total freedom of movement. Good. Naaaaa! Friggen Fantastic!

• Tighter fitting protective pants that are easy to move in
• Ultimate protection with dual density foam and plastic
• Do NOT machine wash
• Need to wear overpants to protect Lycra
• Pelvic protector must be purchased separately

We recommend wearing overpants (cover shorts) over your protective goalie pants to prevent wear and tear. Warranties on protective pants are void if worn without overpants. For some options check out Gryphon Cover Shorts or OBO Cloud Overpants.

Size Guide

Size:                 Waist                 Height

Small:            26" - 30"          4'7" - 5'4"

Medium:       30" - 34"          5'4" - 6'2"

Large:          34" - 38"            6'2" - 6'10"