About us

How were we introduced to field hockey?

My family was introduced to field hockey on a bet with our daughter.  We had just moved to Saline, Mi and my daughter Kennedy was looking for something to do in the fall.  I had read a post from Saline Community Education about a Field Hockey program for 6th and 7th graders, I have never heard of field hockey at that time.  After telling Kennedy about what I had read she gave me the "NO WAY" look.  I was interested in it so I made a bet with her (I actually set her up where she would lose) about the location of a musical instrument store.  I told her if she was right I would buy her an instrument ( I can't remember), if I won she would give field hockey a try.  The rest is history!

How did O'Hanlon Hockey start?

After Kennedy started playing my wife and I became huge fans of the sport.  In fact I started coaching, playing, and doing what ever I could to do to stay active in the sport.  But I noticed one problem, field hockey sticks and equipment were hard to find in our area.  The selection was either a wooden/ fiberglass stick at your local Dicks sporting goods store or order on line and hope you like your purchase.  Thats when the idea of O'Hanlon Hockey was born.