Naked Supreme 2 Field Hockey Stick

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The Naked Supreme 2 has been precision engineered with 75% japanese Toray carbon, 20% fibreglass and 5% kevlar to give it lovely balance between power and touch. features the kevlar reinforced Naked Boom Zone for tomahawks.

What sort of player is this for?

The Supreme 2 is aimed at top level players who want a light stick with plenty of power and superb touch. With a low bow, the Supreme is great for players who like to flick, use 3D skills and disguised passes.

Tech Specs

  • Bow type: Low
  • Bow Position: 200mm
  • Bow Height: 24.5mm
  • Weight: 510-530gm
  • Balance Point: 39cm
  • Head Thickness: 21mm
  • Silica face
  • Carbon: 75% Toray®