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Mercian Evolution 0.2

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95% C | TCDK | M -GEL | EVA | NANO-POL

  • A 95% Japanese carbon lay-up over a fiberglass and basalt micro-skeleton is further enhanced with a unique QCS overlay.
  • The Quad Carbon Sleeve is a full-length carbon 'sock' with three specific extra sleeves applied to the key stress points in the stick - four in total (Quad).
  • The sleeve technology provides the same 360-degree strength seen in braided sticks, enhancing the energy transfer for exceptional hitting power.
  • The Pro-bend helps with flat hitting and conventional high-performance skills.
  • An additional feature is the extra cushioned grip created with a 0.75mm PU foam layer beneath the standard super-soft m-tek grip.
  • Weight 36.5" - 545g
Pro Bend