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Oregon Wolf X Limited

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Scratch and Dent:

This new stick is the victim of falling off of a rack at one of the events. It has minor paint scratches on the top of the blade and the side (see pics). An absolute steal at this price.

Oregon Wolf X Limited field hockey stick, produced for elite players, has a Lowbow curve which maximizes the possibilities of 3D skills combined with the maximum power of 100% carbon.

This stick is used by international players Marc Bolto (Spain) and Alix Gerniers (Belgium).


  • Lowbow
  • 100% carbon
  • Balance at 390 mm is made for superb maneuverability with a comfortable perforated PU grip, handle diameter of 30 mm
  • The stiffness of the carbon is offset by the PE/EVA foam under the grip and the double channel construction